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Due to the ongoing impacts of the Coronavirus, more and more small businesses are securing payment plans with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) to regain control of their tax debt. A tax payment plan can prevent even large tax debts from becoming crippling by allowing businesses to retain the cash flow critical for sustaining operations.

At Wisdom Business Consultants, we can secure a payment plan you can afford and, in some circumstances, can also negotiate reduced fees and interest. For small business owners this can equate to a significant reduction in cost over the life of the payment plan. Therefore, it is essential to employ a professional, experienced and registered tax agent to ensure the best result for your business.


With a combined experience of over 50 years, our friendly team at Wisdom are the experts in helping our customers regain control of their tax debt. We pride ourselves in our comprehensive services and reputation for excellence.

Thanks to our experienced team, over 80% of our customers save their home and retain their business.

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Overdue Tax Debts? Get Back on Track with a Payment Plan

The ATO offers payment plans to businesses struggling to meet their tax obligations. A payment plan is an agreement with the Tax Office to pay tax liability in instalments over a set period of time. The agreed sum of money may be paid in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments until the debt is paid.


Payment plans allow businesses to retain good cash flow and protect personal property while clearing tax debt. By making payments in agreed instalments, as opposed to a lump-sum payment, businesses can continue to make purchases that are vital to maintain operations.

In addition, payment plans offer a solution that doesn’t require personal property, such as cars or houses, to be offered as security. Unlike personal loans or debt consolidation loans, this gives business owners a limited liability solution, protecting personal property and funds.

How To Set Up A Payment Plan

Eligible businesses may be able to set up their payment plan using the ATO’s online services. Alternatively, payment plans can be organised by phoning the ATO or by a tax agent on your behalf.


For individuals and sole traders with a tax debt of less than $100,000, applying for a payment plan can be done through an active myGov account that is linked to the ATO. It is recommended that you use the ATO’s payment plan estimator before applying to help calculate the payments you can afford. If the payment plan offered online is not viable, or you owe more than $100,000 you can phone the tax office’s lodge and pay enquiry line during operating hours.


For businesses owing less than $100,000, a payment plan may also be set up using the ATO’s online services or through their automated phone service for business. Similarly, registered tax agents can also request payment plans on behalf of businesses.

Interest Free Payment Plans

For businesses that meet the ATO’s eligibility criteria, it may be possible to secure an interest free payment plan. This criteria includes that the business:

  • has an annual turnover that does not exceed $2 million
  • has debt from activity statements of up to $50,000 that has not been overdue for more than 12 months
  • has a good history of fulfilling their tax obligations
  • cannot obtain loans
  • can substantiate ongoing viability

To be approved, the debt must be settled within 12 months. Additionally, the payments must be made via direct debit.


Wisdom are experts in assisting our customers secure interest-free payment plans. Our friendly team can analyse your financial situation and formulate tailored strategies to help you meet the required instalment payments. In addition to this, if you activity statement debt is slightly above the ATO’s limit, we will still work to get you approved for an interest free payment plan.

Managing Your Payment Plan

Direct debit is the easiest way to pay your payment plan instalments. Direct debit transactions can be set up at the same time as your payment plan. Only the authorised debit card or bank account owner can set up the direct debt payments from the linked account. Alternatively, instalments can be made individually by any of the ATO’s other accepted payment transaction methods.

ATO Repayment Rules

If you fail to pay a scheduled instalment on your plan or an outstanding amount for another tax liability, you may receive a letter from the ATO before your plan defaults. In this instance, it will advise that your account is in arrears and the steps you must take to avoid a default.

It is vital to adhere to your agreed payments to avoid accruing further debt, causing your plan to vary or being denied payment plan requests in the future.


At Wisdom, we can help your businesses secure the best possible deal on your payment plan. We understand the complexities of the ATO system as well as the available exemptions and concessions to reduce the cost to your business and alleviate your stress.

Payment plans can reduce stress and offer financial security and peace-of-mind. To get on top of your tax debt with an ATO payment plan, contact us or seek professional advice through our website or by phoning 1300 277 148.

Regain Control of Your Small Business

At Wisdom, we understand the complexities of tax law and the requirements set out by the ATO for small businesses. We pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive service to our customers to overcome their debt and formulate tax planning strategies for the future, including:


    A restructure can assist businesses to improve profitability and cash flow, making it easier to fulfil their many tax liabilities. Restructuring also includes providing discrete and professional advice to company Directors to ensure they understand their responsibilities. In addition, we can assist Directors with addressing arising issues such as Director Penalty Notices (DPN) and other debt related penalties.


    Our asset protection service guides businesses to find practical solutions to repay debt without having to offer personal property as security against loans.


    We understand Australian business structures and their relative obligations, and can help to ensure your business is set up correctly and cost-effectively. We can outline your relevant tax liabilities and avoid the accumulation of debt from the get-go.


    Our finance service can assist with quick lending and more favourable terms than traditional funding methods, allowing you to easily manage debt.


    We are experienced in negotiating favourable payment plans for our customers with the ATO and other creditors. This allows business owners to address their debt in a way that can save their business and home.

Business and Tax Consulting Services in Australia

Our team’s compassionate nature and professional service is what sets us apart. We understand the immense pressure that small businesses face, and that behind each business is a family. We are fully committed to helping our customers recover their financial position so they may grow, thrive and protect their personal assets.

The experienced team at Wisdom can help you get back on track with you tax obligations. We are passionate about helping our customers grow and thrive, and achieve this by offering tailored plans to manage their future tax liabilities. We are proudly backed by the many positive testimonials from our customers and an unblemished record of service.

Choose Wisdom for Your Small Business

Left unattended, small tax debts and fees can quickly grow into unmanageable amounts. Taking action as soon as possible offers the best chance of recovery for businesses and critically, can avoid fees and more serious debt recovery action.

Paying back your debt in set instalments is a manageable way to settle your outstanding tax account. With a professional financial analysis, our team will devise a payment plan you can afford. This will ensure the survival of your business by saving money, maintaining much-needed cash flow and avoiding other finance options, such as a personal loan, that often require personal assets as security.

We can assess your financials and offer a tailored solution to get on top of your tax debt. In addition, we will help you navigate future tax returns and activity statements by formulating a tax payment schedule and strategies to avoid future defaults or late payments.


To regain control of your tax debt, protect your home and business, connect with us today by phoning 1300 277 148 or emailing

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