Business Advisory & Taxation Consulting Services

With over 50 years of collective industry experience, the team at wisdom are focused on providing specialised, professional and current advice to its clients through our direct services and Business Consulting Packages.

Company Directors, Sole Traders and individuals that are facing financial distress can access our expertise as they require it – we pride ourselves on being present, committed and available to our clients when we are needed to answer those tough questions.

Business Restructuring

We can assist your business to become more profitable, improve processes and adapt to the changing needs of our ever-changing economy.
We also offer Company Director’s discrete and objective professional advice on matters relating to their duties and responsibilities as a Director, and assist with any arising issues. If you happen to be involved in a Directors dispute, our persuasive dispute resolution strategies are based on a solid understanding of our clients short-term and long-term business objectives.

Asset Protection

As a business owner, you need to plan and prepare for future challenges and threats that may have a devastating effect on both your personal and business assets. Wisdom can guide you through the protection process ensuring your personal and business assets are protected for the long term.

New company/business set up

When you set up a company, you create a legal entity that’s separate from you. We set up professional and cost effective Company’s with attractive Corporate leather binders.


The set up of a new Trust requires careful planning and understanding of how Trusts operate. Once we determine what Trust is right for you, our Legal representative will create the Trust and then we will send the Trust off for stamping. Your Trust will then be ready for you to start to secure your finances and property.

Private Lending/Cash Flow Finance

Depending on your situation, we can assist with money lending under variable terms with a quick approval. This also includes Cash Flow Finance, so all your cash flow needs can be taken care of in one place. Our facilities are tailored specifically to fit your business and the unique way in which it works.

Creditor/Bank Negotiations

Negotiating an agreement with your bank and creditors is a smart solution which will allow you to solve your financial problems in the short term. We can formulate plans with your creditors to assist with a better outcome for everyone.

Landlord negotiations

Dealing with Landlords can be a tricky process. Wisdom has a practical understanding of both tenant and landlord related issues. We can assist in this process to achieve the best outcome for everyone and keep you trading.

Debt Consoliation

Debt management is significantly easier to manage when you roll multiple debts into one good loan subject to a single interest rate and a single monthly payment. This can reduce your monthly spend considerably.

Evaluate, Design & Manage Insolvency Strategies

We’ll look at your company’s financials and then work out a strategy that best suits your situation. It might include performance improvement, informal restructuring, voluntary administration or even liquidation of some companies if we don’t think the company can be saved. Either way, we’ll be upfront and share with you our professional opinion.

Liquidation & Bankruptcy Process Management

In the event Liquidation or Bankruptcy is appropriate or inevitable, we’ll help you to select and appoint the right Liquidator and liaise with them to achieve the best possible outcome for you. We will be there to guide you through the process.

Consulting Packages

Setting up your business

Start here if you’ve ever wanted to start a business: In this quick session you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of starting a new business
  • Business types
  • Marketing basics
  • What you need to work on to successfully get your business started
  • At the completion of this session you will leave with
  • A Business Start-Up Checklist
  • A connection with your local business advisor
  • An action plan to start your business

Negotiation for business owners

Suddenly finding yourself in a surprise negotiation is uncomfortable for most business owners and it’s worse when all you end up negotiating is on price. How can you go into negotiations prepared to have confident and comfortable conversations that create great outcomes for you and your business?

In this engaging session, we’ll show you how to:

  • Get prepared for negotiations so that you’re armed for success
  • Understand the different opportunities available to you in a negotiation
  • The skills you can practice to become confident in any negotiation

Commercial leasing packages

It’s vital for small businesses owners to know what they’re signing when it comes to their lease. Leases can be long, confusing and often weighted in the landlord’s favour. We will cover commercial leasing, basics every small business owner needs to know before locking themselves into a long and legally binding contract.

You will discover:

  • The Commercial Leasing Process
  • Understanding Heads of Agreement, Disclosure Statements and Leases
  • Essential Terms
  • Areas business owners should be paying attention to before signing a lease
  • Renewal & Exits options

How much does starting a business really cost?

We will cover what you really need to consider when working out how much will starting a business will really cost you – from what corporate structure you choose, legal and accounting advice and working out what sales you need make to break even. Is your business idea a viable one that will be around for the long term?

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