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Need help with pre-insolvency? Wisdom Business Consultants can help you manage debt, protect assets, and overcome financial challenges.

Wisdom Business Consultants is a team of experienced pre-insolvency practitioners who specialise in providing expert advice and support to companies facing financial difficulties. As insolvency practitioners, we work closely with business owners to identify the underlying causes of financial distress and develop effective strategies to address them.

Whether a company needs pre-insolvency advice, restructuring, turnaround management, or assistance with debt restructuring or refinancing, Wisdom Business Consultants offers tailored solutions that are designed to meet the unique needs of each client.

What are Pre-Insolvency Practitioners?

Pre-insolvency advisers or pre-insolvency consultants are professionals who specialise in providing expert advice and support to businesses facing financial difficulties, with the aim of preventing insolvency. Consultants work with businesses to identify the underlying causes of financial distress at an early stage to develop strategies and address them before they escalate into complete insolvency.

Pre-insolvency consultants can offer guidance on business assets, tax debts management, business restructuring, and turnaround management, among other things. Wisdom consultants can also help businesses negotiate with the company’s creditors, refinance debt, and develop business plans that address the root causes of financial difficulties. By working with our pre-insolvency consultants, businesses can often avoid the need for formal insolvency procedures such as bankruptcy or liquidation and emerge stronger and more resilient.

When Should You Reach Out to a Consultant Pre-insolvency Practitioner?

When your business operations are experiencing financial difficulties from your company’s financial position, this puts your organisation at risk of insolvency. Here, it is advisable to engage an advisory pre-insolvency consultant.

Seeking guidance early on is crucial to increasing your business’s chances of recovery. Wisdom’s pre-insolvency advisors can provide expert guidance on debt management, asset protection, and potential insolvency procedures that may assist your business in navigating through challenging financial situations. They will provide tailored solutions that are specific to your business’s unique circumstances and related parties, to help find the best possible outcomes.

Seek Professional Consultants and Avoid Being An Insolvent Company

There are several steps that our pre-insolvency practitioners will advise companies to take in order to avoid becoming insolvent.

Maintain Financial Records

Maintaining accurate and up-to-date financial records is crucial to detecting any financial difficulties that may arise in a company’s affairs or debts early on. Regular monitoring of financial records can help identify potential cash flow problems, such as overdue debts, which can then be addressed with informed decisions. Accurate financial records can also provide valuable information to professional advisors, such as accountants and lawyers, who can help a company navigate any financial difficulties that may arise. By regularly maintaining accurate financial records, companies can stay on top of their affairs and debts, and take necessary actions to prevent potential insolvency.

Manage Debts

To manage and reduce debts, it is important to monitor them regularly and implement measures to ensure timely payment. Communication with creditors, including insolvency lawyers if necessary, is essential to negotiate payment plans and avoid any potential legal action. In cases where the company’s business is at risk of insolvency, voluntary administration may be considered as a viable option.

Voluntary administration involves appointing an independent administrator to take control of the company’s affairs and assess the options available to it. By taking proactive steps to manage and reduce debts and seeking professional advice where necessary, companies can avoid insolvency and emerge stronger from any financial difficulties they may face.

Review Business Plans

Updating and reviewing business plans is important to identify risks to business assets and take necessary action to protect them. In Australia, companies facing financial burden can consider pre-packaged insolvency as a viable option for restructuring. This involves developing a plan before the formal insolvency process begins, potentially saving costs. By regularly updating their business plan, companies can also identify opportunities for growth.

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