Corporation Pre-Insolvency Advisors & Advisory Services

Let Wisdom Business Consultants be your trusted insolvency advisers on the path to financial recovery and corporate success.

Wisdom Business Consultants is a team of experienced pre-insolvency practitioners who specialise in providing expert advice and support to companies facing financial difficulties. As insolvency practitioners, we work closely with business owners to identify the underlying causes of financial distress and develop effective strategies to address them.

Whether a company needs pre-insolvency advice, restructuring, turnaround management, or assistance with debt restructuring or refinancing, Wisdom Business Consultants offers tailored solutions that are designed to meet the unique needs of each client.

What is Corporation Pre-Insolvency?

Corporation pre-insolvency (or corporation pre-liquidation) is when a company is on the verge of insolvency but has yet to reach the point of no return. It is a crucial period during which a corporation can take proactive measures to address its financial difficulties and avoid full-blown insolvency and liquidation. The goal is to explore ways to restructure, resolve, or turn the company around before it becomes insolvent.

Corporate Insolvency Resolution

When a corporation cannot meet its financial obligations and debts, it enters the realm of corporate insolvency. At this stage, stakeholders must initiate the corporate insolvency resolution process to address the financial crisis effectively.

Corporate Insolvency Resolution Procedure

The corporate insolvency resolution procedure outlines the steps and legal framework for resolving insolvency. It provides a structured approach to address the financial challenges faced by the corporation and aims to protect the interests of creditors, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process Steps

Understanding pre-insolvency practice rules and correctly initiating and following through with a pre-insolvency process can be overwhelming. That’s why it is important to seek advice from pre-insolvency advisors who can support you through the process.


The process begins with the identification of financial distress. The corporation, its creditors, or a regulatory authority can initiate the resolution process.


Once initiated, the case is admitted to the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), which appoints a resolution professional to manage the affairs of the corporation during the resolution process.


A moratorium period is imposed to protect the corporation from legal actions by creditors. This period allows the resolution professional to assess the corporation’s financial position and market value and propose a resolution plan.

Resolution Plan

The resolution professional, in collaboration with creditors and stakeholders, develops a resolution plan to revive the corporation’s financial health.


The resolution plan is submitted to the NCLT for approval, and if accepted, it is implemented.


If the resolution plan fails, the corporation may enter into liquidation as a last resort.

Corporate Liquidation

Corporate liquidation is the process of winding up a corporation’s affairs, selling its assets, and distributing the proceeds to its creditors and shareholders. It is the final step when all attempts at corporate insolvency resolution have been exhausted.

Corporate Liquidating Distribution

During the liquidation process, the company assets are sold, and the proceeds are distributed to creditors and shareholders according to a predefined priority.

Corporate Liquidation Priority

The distribution of assets follows a specific order of priority:

  • Secured creditors
  • Unsecured creditors
  • Preferential creditors
  • Equity shareholders

Each category receives payment in order, with secured creditors having the highest priority.

Corporate Liquidation Problems and Solutions

Liquidation is often seen as a last resort, as it can lead to significant losses for shareholders and may have adverse effects on the economy. Alternative solutions should be explored during the corporate insolvency resolution process.

Some common corporate liquidation problems and potential solutions include:

Lack of Funding: Seek additional financing or investors to keep the business afloat.

Inefficient Operations: Streamline operations and reduce costs to improve profitability.

Legal Disputes: Resolve legal disputes through negotiation or mediation.

Recession or Economic Downturn: Adjust business strategies to adapt to changing economic conditions.

S Corporation and C Corporation Liquidation

S and C corporations are different business structures with distinct tax implications. The process of voluntary administration for these corporations also differs.

S Corporation Liquidation

S corporation liquidation involves the distribution of assets and the cancellation of debt. Shareholders may face tax consequences, such as capital gains, depending on the company property distribution method.

C Corporation Liquidation

C corporation liquidation follows a specific set of procedures. Assets are sold, and the resulting gains or losses are taxed at the corporate level. Shareholders may face double taxation if they receive distributions.

Insolvency Service Company Investigations

In some cases, regulatory bodies like the Insolvency Service may conduct investigations into a corporation’s financial affairs to ensure compliance with insolvency rules and regulations. These investigations aim to uncover any misconduct or fraudulent activities.

Get Pre-Insolvency Advice From Wisdom Business Consultants

If your corporation is grappling with financial difficulties or personal insolvency, don’t navigate these waters alone. Contact Wisdom Business Consultants today for expert advice and support tailored to your unique situation. Our team of insolvency practitioners is ready to assist you in:

  • Identifying pre-insolvency warning signs.
  • Developing a strategic plan to address financial difficulty.
  • Guiding you through the corporate insolvency resolution process.
  • Protecting the interests of your corporation and all stakeholders involved.

Remember, informed decisions are the key to overcoming financial challenges. Let Wisdom Business Consultants be your trusted insolvency advisers on the path to financial recovery and corporate success. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward a brighter financial future for your corporation.