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It’s well known that the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has a hair trigger when it comes to causing company liquidations and personal bankruptcies. So, if you’re either trying to dodge your tax debt or think it will go away if you ignore it, you are so wrong. If your corporate tax debt is overwhelming or you’re struggling to manage it, call on Wisdom Business Consultants before the tax man comes knocking on your door.

We negotiate with the ATO for some breathing space where we can formulate a repayment plan suitable to both parties. If you’re searching the internet for a “corporate tax expert near me”, Wisdom tax debt specialists can help you negotiate with the ATO, and potentially restructure your company or refinance existing mortgages to pay out your corporate tax debt. Struggling with corporate tax debt? Call Wisdom.

When Should I Engage a Corporate Tax Debt Specialist?

With the ATO now following its Firmer Action Policy, which is a much tougher approach used to recoup money corporations and others owe, you should call Wisdom to engage a corporate tax specialist no later than right now. If you can’t pay your tax debt immediately, we can act fast to negotiate with the ATO on your behalf.

Corporate tax debt doesn’t go away if you ignore it; it just gets so much worse. Don’t let ATO corporate tax arrears destroy your business, ruin your sanity and your family’s well-being. Our corporate tax debt specialists can lodge a comprehensive recovery plan to the ATO for you, based on tax regulation and case law. We ae a corporate tax debt specialist and our knowledgeable experts at Wisdom can help you with your corporate tax debt today.

Get Debt Under Control with a Corporate Tax Specialist

Even if the ATO has already issued liquidation proceedings or a Court date has been set to recover your corporate tax debt, it’s not too late for Wisdom to intervene on your behalf. Our corporate tax debt specialist still has time to negotiate with the ATO to apply for tax debt relief. Our corporate tax debt specialists can get your tax debt under control and save your relationship with the ATO. We can transform a desperate situation into a work of art, but you must not default on your payment plan or harsh penalties apply and interest accrues daily.

Expert Corporate Taxation Consultants Near Me

Searching for “expert corporate taxation consultants near me”? Look no further than Wisdom for expert help. Small businesses and large corporations, even big accounting firms and business advisory services must fulfill tax obligations, which is a priority when it comes to business compliance. Companies from any industry can have a hard time staying on top of business tax and need support. So don’t be ashamed of your corporate tax debt situation at tax time or any other time. Call Wisdom for assistance.

Implications of Unpaid Business Tax Debt

Unless you engage with the ATO or hire corporate income tax returns experts such as Wisdom, your company could be exposed to legal action and other serious consequences if you fail to pay your overdue corporate tax debt. Other implications of your unpaid debt to the ATO includes disclosure of your tax debt to a collection agency or a registered credit reporting bureau. So there goes your perfect credit rating. If the ATO reports your tax debt, it means the information is included in credit reports, so your poor rating will no doubt be a drawback if you apply for a loan or credit with banks or other lenders.

When Does the ATO Take Action?

Should your corporate tax debt be overdue by 90 days or more and you owe at least $10,000, you are not engaging with the ATO, and your debt has been reported to a credit rating bureau, it will stay on your file for FIVE YEARS. The final straw for the ATO is to initiate insolvency proceedings, issue you with a statutory demand, garnishee notice, or a director penalty notice.

If you’re trawling the internet looking for corporate tax professionals “near me” you have come to the right place. Contact Wisdom today so we can help you.

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