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The Wisdom service offering is built around good practical advice and strategies on how to navigate the difficult process of business restructuring, corporate insolvency or personal advisor. Our strong and supportive solutions are there to guide you from start to finish.

It's fair to say that the business landscape has seen a fair amount of disruption in recent years. New players, new tech and all kinds of inquiries across industries have made it difficult for some businesses. All of those factors have not dampened the spirits of business owners to build a future for themselves and their families. Utilising the experience of specialised Insolvency Advisors to support you through these difficult times is an excellent idea.
Business Restructuring
Resolutions For A Better Way
We can assist your business to become more profitable, improve processes and adapt to the changing needs of our ever-changing economy. We also offer Company Director’s discrete and objective professional advice on matters relating to their duties and responsibilities as a Director, and assist with any arising issues. If you happen to be involved in a Directors dispute, our persuasive dispute resolution strategies are based on a solid understanding of our clients short-term and long-term business objectives.
Asset Protection
Protecting What Matters Most
As a business owner, you need to plan and prepare for future challenges and threats that may have a devastating effect on both your personal and business assets. Wisdom can guide you through the protection process ensuring your personal and business assets are protected for the long term.
Debt Management Assistance
Creditor Negotiations
Negotiating an agreement with your creditors is a smart solution which will allow you to solve your financial problems in the short term. We can formulate plans with your creditors to assist with a better outcome for everyone.
Safe Hands for Solving Corporate Insolvency
Corporate Insolvency & Liquidation
In the event Liquidation is appropriate or inevitable, we’ll help you to select and appoint the right Liquidator and liaise with them to achieve the best possible outcome for you.
Cash Flow Assistance
Private Lending
Depending on your situation, we can also assist with money lending under variable terms with a quick approval. This also includes Cash Flow Finance, so all your cash flow needs can be taken care of in one place. Our facilities are tailored specifically to fit your business and the unique way in which it works.
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