Pre-Insolvency Advisor
The most relatable stories ever told are told by those who moments were never a story, it was real life!
Wisdom is proudly a company with 30 years of experience in Insolvency and Business restructure.
Its very easy to find theoretical experts who textbooks outline the black and white of insolvency. However for those who are impacted by a struggling business, unforeseen market conditions or a partnership or relationship breakdown you need real solutions.

The Wisdom team are a collective of business owners whose hearts are entwinned with the trauma of their clients. Every client has a personal journey and there is no textbook to simply follow. It’s the collective wisdom, their shared experiences and a lifetime of working with businesspeople that make Wisdom a natural partner to choose when you need someone to lift you back up again.

You see, we are not immune to life’s challenges, we have seen the very worst of things that a business owner can face but we have also seen what it is like to breathe fresh air again and see a future that had been planned.

Please take some time to read and listen to some of our stories,
Welcome to Wisdom.
Andrew Stark
Meet Andrew Stark, the founder of Wisdom Business Consultants. As he’ll tell you, insolvency issues are common in Australia but with the right advice, even a marine diver hunting crocodiles that are hiding in pipes can get a business back on its feet.
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Kylie Bennett
Work with Wisdom Business Consultants and you’ll undoubtedly meet Kylie, our senior manager. She’s our go-to person for getting things done, and her chief job is to be with you every step of the way, answering all your questions.
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Natalie Weatherall
Natalie came to Wisdom Business Consultants from a background of office management and on road sales. Pragmatic, direct and confident, no task is too hard or too much for Natalie.
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Believe it or not, bankruptcy can be a blessing in disguise if you have the right people helping you through.
Here, Wisdom clients Adam and Kylie McKnight explain how Andrew and the team helped them through their darkest days.
Do you know the difference between what a liquidator does and what Wisdom Business Consultants do?
In this video, founder Andrew Stark explains his role in supporting a company through the toughest of times, and why his team have a uniquely empathetic view of the insolvency process.
How We Work with You
Step 1
No Obligation Consultation
Get in touch with our team and we’ll arrange for a no-cost consultation with you. We’ll talk with you about your company situation and answer any questions. By the end of our meeting you’ll know exactly what your options are and what will happen next.
Step 2
Financial Assessment
We’ll look at your company financials and then work out a strategy that best suits your situation. It might be a Voluntary Administration & Restructure (or a Liquidation if we don’t think your company can be saved). Either way, we’ll be upfront and share with you our professional opinion.
Step 3
Pathway to Review
You’ll have the choice of which way to go – getting your debts under control (either formally or informally) or walking away cleanly. Whichever option you choose, our helpful and understanding staff will be there for you.
Step 4
Liquidation Options
If you’re keen to save your company, we’ll enact any formal processes required, and work with you to put your company in a better position.
Step 5
We'll Do the Rest
Turning around a company from insolvency (or severe financial stress) is a challenge, but no matter which option you choose, we’ll be on your side every step of the way.
We Deliver The Most Efficient 
Insolvency Services

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